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Experienced and Integrated Specialist Physiotherapy & Rehab Group for Orthopedic, Sports & Women's Health Conditions

Welcome to Phoenix Rehab Group!

We are a group of physiotherapists and rehab specialists with sub-specialties who work closely together to provide a complete multidisciplinary approach to helping patients to quicker, complete rehab in orthopedics, musculoskeletal, sports and women's health injuries rehabilitation.

Our therapists includes (only senior and experienced) locally and internationally trained

  • physiotherapists
  • hand therapists
  • Chinese Physicians
  • podiatrists
  • massage therapists
  • sports trainers
  • pilates instructors

and they're not only experienced and rehab experts dedicated to musculoskeletal, orthopedics, sports injury and women's health management, but they're also passionate in this niche.

"That's what Phoenix Rehab focuses on: orthopedics, musculoskeletal, sports and women's health injuries rehabilitation."

You won't see us being all things to all people: we're not general physiotherapists/therapists, and where any injuries that fall outside of our scope, we will refer you on to professionals who are more suited.

But anything orthopedics, musculoskeletal, sports and women's health injury rehab - we're your specialist rehab team. We will not tell you that we can fix and treat everything, but we will tell you what we are skilled and experienced in.

Injuries that we're make our "bread and butter" common conditions of seeing and treating includes

See the range of painful conditions our therapists treat.

Deep-Diving To Treat Your Core Problem

On top of managing the symptoms of conditions such as pain and limited movement, we dive deeper to find out your core problems that's causing your conditions and symptoms.

No point just treating the symptoms - yes, we need to take away the core acute pain first to increase comfort - but we need to deal with the core causes and problems to ensure that your pains and injuries recover truly.

Partnering And Focusing On You

We've been therapists for a long time, and our experience and clients includes

  • C-level executives (CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CFOs etc)
  • executives
  • managers
  • entrepreneurs
  • presidents
  • dancers
  • students
  • housewives
  • athletes (pros and semi-pros)
  • retirees

- actually, it doesn't really matter what occupation or sports you do, or what injuries you have - you're our VIP and we'll sort you out as soon as we can.

Hands On & Manual Therapy

At the center of our practice is evidence-based practice (EBP) as well as being manual therapists; which basically mean that we prefer doing lots of hands on because in our experience and outcomes - hands-on brings about the best outcomes when combined with sound and experienced clinical reasoning.

All our assessments and treatments are mainly hands on with manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation for injury treatment and prevention.

Non Rushed, And ALWAYS One To One

Each and every session with any of our senior therapists will always be one-to-one and unrushed.

Even with rising costs and expenses, we still keep to this because one-to-one always lead to better clinical results and outcomes, which translates to quicker pain management, shorter recovery time.

We Serve You As A Comprehensive Multi-Specialist Team

We're not a simple (one, two or three person clinic, and as much that is good, that means that just a couple of therapists "has" to be everything to all patients) - we prefer to take a more synergistic, long term perspective of musculoskeletal, orthopedics, sports injury and women's health management.

As mentioned earlier, our core team consists of only senior and experienced locally and internationally trained

...and they're not only experienced and rehab experts dedicated to musculoskeletal, orthopedics, sports injury and women's health management, but they're also passionate in this niche.

We also work closely with orthopedic surgeons, sports physicians, general practitioners (GPs), podiatrists, personal trainers and sports massage therapists to maximize your recovery and rehabilitation.

When you get referred to us by a referring doctor, you can be assured that we will be communicating closely with them about your progress, any challenges or milestones and ensure that you get the best synergistic and integrated therapy care you and your friends/family can get.

Accessible Locations

Please see all our clinic locations and hours here.

Please always try to come at least 10-15 minutes early for every appointment slot you have with us, as we tend to have back-to-back patients and will honor the appointment time that you were allocated for.

For appointments please SMS/Call/WhatsApp +6588001830

Hello there!

Welcome to our Phoenix Rehab Singapore - senior physiotherapists, senior hand therapists, senior podiatrists, senior massage therapists, senior Chinese Physicians, senior sports trainers and sports and conditioning coaches website!

We have expanded our services and locations to include more comprehensive services.

Getting to us now is very convenient (go to this page to see how easy it is to get to us) but we always encourage patients to take a cab or the MRT as sometimes it's quite difficult to navigate a car, park and walking to us with an injury.

Of course, come to therapy earlier by 10 minutes ok for any admin/registration/short rest =)

No Matter What And Why You See Us...

  • we will proactively work towards decreasing the pain you experience
  • we will proactively work towards improving your joint movement, muscle strength and stability
  • we will proactively work towards achieve 100% recovery

Our senior therapists will see you one-to-one, to ensure that they can concentrate on you individually, and to ensure that you are comfortable before any treatment can even begin.

This means is that wherever we provide physiotherapy and rehab services to you in our clinic, at your home, at your office or worksite, you will generally be the only patient we see at one time.

And you will have our full undivided attention.

And we will only recommend physiotherapy, hand therapy, deep tissue release or sports massage, clinical pilates, wellness pilates or any services for you that we would have for ourselves or our loved ones.

For Your Protection

  1. Phoenix Rehab commits to the highest ethical standard within our profession.

  2. All instruments and equipment are cleaned regularly with alchohol/antiseptic rubs.

  3. Our senior therapists are either locally or internationally trained, and every one of them are selected based on a stringent criteria: 

    a) they must have a minimum of FIVE (5) years of experience;
    b) they must enjoy what they do, and do what they do with passion;
    c) they must always seek to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

    See our full physio and rehab team here.

    After the initial session of consult and treatment, patients will undergo individual one-to-one exercises and treatment sessions.

    Please understand that techniques and approaches employed will differ from patient to patient, depending on injury, age and preferences.

    Our main management approach is a combination of Education, manual therapy and exercise therapy.

Conditions We Treat

Physiotherapy refers to the treatment of various conditions via physical non-surgical approaches.

We provide musculoskeletal, orthopedics, sports injury and women's health therapy after surgery, or to improve their functional mobility through exercise therapy Singapore as well as mobilization and pain management.

Our therapists will use a combination of techniques, hands on manual therapy, as well as state-of-art equipment, to help you regain your mobility, strength and function.

See a list of musculoskeletal, orthopedic, sports injuries and women's health conditions we treat here.

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Phoenix Rehab Singapore Core Services And Specializations

Phoenix Rehab Group works with specialist physiotherapists and specialist rehab therapists who are highly trained, qualified, experienced and passionate to provide high level of expert care to our patients.


Patients who sustained injuries to their elbows, forearms, hands, wrists (sprains and fractures) and fingers, and requires Hand Therapy to increase the function of their hand following injuries or post-operations and custom made hand splints.


Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing.

It is a system of safe and effective exercises, which meet specific individual needs, to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions.



Sports and deep tissue release massage helps to increase nutrient-rich blood flow to tired , tight and tense muscles to accelerate recovery and shorten downtime. It also helps prevents muscles from scar tissue micro-tears (and future ruptures), and increases muscle performance. When done regularly it will keeps your muscles and you healthy and fit and have body/movement-confidence.


Having a dedicated personal trainer/personal training helps you get faster and better health, fitness and wellness results.

You can expect better fat loss and muscle gain, have reduced risks of injury, establish effective exercise and health habits as well as overcome those annoying "flatline plateus" to breakthrough to your next level of fitness and weight loss.

All our allied health therapists and TCM physicians are fully insured and registered with Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Board (TCMB).

See our entire team here by location and specialization.

At the first session, our specialist physiotherapists will carry out a thorough assessment, helping them to select the most appropriate treatment to help you recover as well as provide treatment in the same session. 

Follow up sessions are inline to provide expert treatment for your pain as well as prescribing specific exercises to reduce your risk of re-injury and giving you a long term solution.

do Tell Your Family, Friends And Colleagues About Us =)

We appreciate you as a patient and want you to know that the #1 (and only) way we grow as a clinic is through word of mouth referrals from valued patients like yourself.

We do not rely on advertising - instead, we prefer and appreciate the goodwill and positive reinforcement from patients. When you have the opportunity, please take the time to tell your family, friends and physicians about the positive results and experience you have had in our clinic.

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