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Dear doctors, patients and friends, we are going to launch Phoenix Rehab @ Novena tentatively on Monday, 8th January 2018 (see clinic location and details here), subject to finalizations related to renovations and pre-launch activities. There is lots more to do, including the completion and upgrading of this website, but we are very excited for this opportunity to serve you.

Update you soonest!

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The Young Athlete

Participation in youth sports is becoming increasingly popular. Many children participate in year round sports and during adolescence some may reach peak performance. It is not uncommon for pre-teens to train 20 or more hours each week. Engaging in sports activities at a young age had numerous health benefits, but it also involves risk of injury. The young athlete may be particularly vulnerable to sport injury due to the physical and physiological processes of growth. Injury risk factors that are unique to the young athlete include nonlinearity of growth, maturity-associated variation, the adolescent growth spurt, and unique response to skeletal injury. They may also be at increased risk because of immature or underdeveloped coordination, skills and perception.

Younger sportspeople suffer many of the same injuries as their adult counterparts. However, there are also some significant differences in the type of injuries sustained by children and adolescents because of the differences in the structure of growing bone compared with adult bone.

Osgood-Schlatters Disease

Osgood-schalatters disease is an osteochondritis that occurs at the growth plate of the tibial tuberosity. The condition is extremely common in adolescents at the time of the growth spurt. The pain is exacerbated by exercise. It is usually associated with repeated forced knee extension, especially in sports involving running and jumping. Examination will reveal severe tenderness on palpation of the tibial tuberosity. There will also be associated tightness of the quadriceps muscle. The symptoms may persist for a number of years but it is a self-limiting condition that settles at the time of bony fusion of the tibial.


While there is no evidence that rest accelerates the healing process, a reduction in activity reduces the pain. Management also requires activity modification but there is no need to rest completely. Pain is the main guide as to the limitation of activity.

Symptomatic treatment includes;

  • Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy is the application of ice for therapeutic purposes. Cryotherapy aims to decrease edema through vasoconstriction, and reduce secondary hypoxic injury by lowering the metabolic demand of injured tissues. Localized analgesic is thought to occur when the skin temperature drops below 15degrees because of decreasing nerve velocity.
  • Ultrasound: Therapeutic ultrasound is a treatment method that uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to speed healing in injured joint or muscle tissue. Ultrasound works by increasing local blood flow to the area, increasing cellular metabolism, increasing extensibility of connective tissue and decreasing pain.
  • Stretching and massage: The athlete should commence a stretching program to increase the length to their quads. Deep tissue release and myofascial release of the quads will also be beneficial for pain relief. We will teach you how to do self myofascial release of your own quads using a fitbar.

Severe’s Disease

Heel pain is a common complaint in the skeletally immature athlete. This condition is a noninflammatory chronic repetitive injury to the actively remodeling trabecular metaphyseal bone. The athlete will complain of activity related pain. Palpation of the area will reveal localized tenderness and swelling at the site of insertion of the Achilles tendon. There will be associated tightness of the soleus and gastrocnemius and dorsiflexion at the ankle may be limited. The problem will typically settle in 6-12months but it may persist for a couple of years.

Management consists of activity modification until the athlete is pain free. A heel raise should be inserted in the shoes. Stretching of the calf muscles is also advisable. Strengthening exercises for the ankle plantarflexors should be commenced when pain-free and progressed as symptoms permit.

Apophysitis of the tarsal navicular bone

Pain on the medial aspect of the tarsal navicular in the older child may result from a traction apophysitis at the insertion of the tibialis posterior tendon to the navicular. This condition is often associated with the presence of an accessory navicular or a prominent navicular tuberosity. Mangement involves modification of the activity, local electrotherapy, and NSAIDs, with orthoses to control excessive pronation, if present.

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Our Physio & Rehab Expertise

Phoenix Rehab Group works with specialist physiotherapists and specialist rehab therapists who are highly trained, qualified, experienced and passionate to provide high level of expert care to our patients.

Areas of specialization

  • physiotherapy: back and neck (spine), sports, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle
  • hand therapy: forearm, wrist, hand and fingers
  • podiatrist: leg, calf, ankle, foot and toes
  • read more on our specializations here

All our therapists are fully insured and registered with Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Board (TCM). See our entire team here by location and specialization.

Initially, our specialist physiotherapists will carry out a thorough assessment, helping them to select the most appropriate treatment to help you recover. They then provide expert treatment for your pain as well as prescribing specific exercises to reduce your risk of re-injury and giving you a long term solution.

To call for inquiries or appointments, please contact us at:

SMS/Call/Whatsapp: 96402670


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We appreciate you as a patient and want you to know that the #1 way we grow as a clinic is through word of mouth referrals from valued patients like yourself.

We do not rely on advertising - instead, we prefer and appreciate the goodwill and positive reinforcement from patients.

When you have the opportunity, please take the time to tell your family, friends and physicians about the positive results and experience you have had in our clinic.

Thank you so much, and stay healthy!

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We are a wholly Singapore Private Limited group of licensed physiotherapists, hand therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, sports massage therapists, clinical pilates practitioners and TCM physicians practicing in our scope of rehabilitation and its areas of specializations.

As listed in our website are the list of services we provide our clients as referred by their medical doctors or by self referrals/word of mouth, but you can also make an appointment without seeing any doctors (that being said, if you do need a referral to a specialist orthopedic surgeon or sports GP, we will recommend you too as value added service at no additional costs to you).

The range of rehabilitation results vary from patients to patients, depending on a variety of factors and reasons such as severity of condition, genetics, gender and age. However, we will still deliver the best evidence-based-practice of physiotherapy, hand therapy, TCM, sports training and deep tissue release therapy that we can deliver (we are proud to say that we try our best to only engage the most experienced and specialist therapists - which makes a big difference in clinical outcomes).

The information available on this site is for educational purposes only, if you need a full professional advise on physiotherapy, hand therapy and occupational therapy, please schedule an appointment with us by contacting our staff by Call/SMS/WhatsApp at xx or email, thanks!




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Physio, Rehab &  Insurance

Your physio, hand therapy and rehab with us may be covered under your medical insurance or cashless - find out more here.


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