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Thanks a Ton to Jenny Huang for helping me to get back to active life style

by Praveen

Hi Jenny Huang, Thank you so Much and appreciate all the efforts that you had put in, which has helped me to get back to my active life style.

The inflammation on the SI joint, which was causing a severe pain on my lower back and the related radiating pain had reduced my active life into a Nut shell.

I had visited so many Physiotherapist based on Various Suggestions given by Ortho , back in my home country.

There was NO significant improvement and I was living in Pain for almost 5 years.

I was asked by them to learn manage my Pain and suggested that I could not run any more and it was not possible to return back to my normal active lifestyle.

It was at this time, I happened to attend a wellness Talk conducted by you and I made up my mind to give it a try.

Right from the first session you took so much care and gave me confidence that I can come out of this pain and also gave me suggestions on how I can get back to my active life style.

Within 1 month of attending your Physio sessions and the exercise strategy that you had planned for me, worked out so well that I came out that pain and gradually started moving towards my active life style.

Your Physio sessions ,exercises schedules and Your guidance on running was paced so nicely that getting back to my active life was a smooth sail.

Gone are the days when I could not run to better manage my pain.

With your motivation , guidance and the Physio sessions, I have successfully completed a half marathon.

Thanks a ton for all the help which has changed my life for good.

Wishing you and Phoenix Rehab group all the very best.

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