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Knee Inflammation And Pain After Marathon

Unfortunately, knee pain after marathon is a pretty common condition that affects many long distance runners, joggers and marathoners.

Most of the time, the knees get damaged and injured due to two main issues:

  • chronic overload
  • muscle imbalances

Combined, they can lead to knee inflammation and pains.

Some examples include:

  • iliotibial band friction syndrome (ITBFS)
  • patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)

What we (and the runners/marathoners) need to do is to stretch out the tight and shortened muscles in combination with strengthening weaker, less firing muscles to rehab the knee, decrease pain and prevent future knee pain and injuries.

Many runners suffer from either/both:

  • weak gluteus medius (middle buttock muscle)
  • tight iliotibial band

Especially with iliotibial band friction syndrome or patellofemoral pain syndrome.

If patients want/aim to strengthen their gluteus medius muscle, what they can consider is adding on the following muscle strengthening exercise to their regime:

  • single leg bridging
  • single leg raises

If patient want to improve their tight iliotibial band, we recommend regular deep tissue release therapy or you can use our foam roller and electric heat packs to soften tight muscles, then place the foam roller under the iliotibial band and roll up and down along it for at least 5 minutes to release the tight band.

We recommend you to connect with us and see our senior physiotherapists to:

  • analyse your gait and running pattern to see if it could be a running or walking pattern issue
  • treat your tight iliotibial bands or work on your gluteus medius strength
  • clinical Pilates can help improve your core strength which keep your form strong and stable too

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