Hot Stone Cupping Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Cupping Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Cupping Massage Therapy is a modified version of the common practice of traditional cupping therapy with the addition of initial tissue release bodywork with hot stones.

How it is done

At the start of the treatment, stones or Bian Shi are heated up and then moved over the affected area with different techniques to warm, soften, loosen and relax any tightness to allow the affected area to take in the effects of further treatments much easily and also to calm the mind down to allow the body to rest and recover as much as possible during the entire course of treatment.

This is then followed by cupping massage which unlike common cupping therapy that one may commonly find therapists simply placing stationary cups over the skin and leave for a period of 5 to 15 minutes, the cupping that is done here involves moving the cups in accordance to meridian theories in Traditional Chinese Medicine and myofascia linkages theories in modern sports medicine, hence the name “cupping massage”.

The entire treatment process will last for 30 minutes.

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Why Hot Stone And Cupping Together?

Stone or Bian Shi therapy is one of the six specialties in Traditional Chinese Medicine other than acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, tuina/massage and qigong therapies. By manoeuvring the heated stones over affected areas at the start of the therapy, the heat from the stones can warm up and allow better circulation to the affected area while the hardness of the stones will act as strong fingers to smoothen out any nodules from prolonged tightness in the muscles.  By doing so, this will open up the body and mind to receive more benefits of the therapy and maximise the effects of all other treatments that follow.

For cupping, by creating suction and negative pressure, it will have already helped drain excess fluids and toxins formed due to inflammations. Heat from the flame that is used to create the vacuum in the cups will also serves to draw out any coldness and dampness in the body which can cause poor circulations according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. By moving the cups with attention paid to manoeuvring them in accordance to meridian and myofascia linkages, it will loosen adhesions faster and lift the connective tissues accordingly to bring fresh blood to stagnant muscles and skin. 

Ultimately, conditions of chronic or acute pain can be relieved with minimal discomfort and tense muscles softened quickly and easily. 

In summary, the therapeutic benefits of Hot Stone Cupping Massage Therapy are:

  • Loosen adhesions
  • Tissue release
  • Move stagnation
  • Relieve inflammation
  • Stimulate blood flow
  • Lymph drainage
  • Sedation of nervous system

A prelude to all other treatments

Though it can be a stand-alone treatment, Hot Stone Cupping Massage Therapy TM will serve great as a prelude to all other treatments as it can prepare and open up the body to receive effects of other deeper tissue treatments such as acupuncture and clears out toxins and stagnations before scarred tissues are repaired with castor oil therapy.  Thus helping the body to draw maximum benefits from all therapies that follow and speeding up the entire recovery process.

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The author specializes in management treatment of orthopedic conditions as well as internal illnesses related to gastro-enterological, respiratory, gynecological, pediatric conditions and post stroke rehabilitation.  Her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bio-medicine and Yoga has led her to a holistic and all-rounded combined approach in her treatments.

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