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Dr Tan Ken Jin
Orthopaedic Surgeon


  • MBBS, MMed (Ortho)
  • FRCS (Orth & Trauma)   Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery, Sports Injury

Dr Tan is a fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon with a subspecialty interest in Foot and Ankle disorders and Sports injuries. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and underwent Orthopaedic surgical training in Singapore. During this period, Dr Tan had the opportunity to work in the various tertiary hospitals in Singapore where he gained wide exposure to the field of Orthopaedic surgery.

He was awarded the College of Surgeons Gold Medal on completion of his advanced specialty training. He went on to complete fellowship-training in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction under the Ministry of Health Human Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) scholarship.

He completed two separate fellowships; the first at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Germanyunder the renowned Professor Zwipp and the second at the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction in the USA with Dr Mark Myerson, a world leader and pioneer in Foot and Ankle Surgery.

When he returned from fellowship training, Dr Tan joined the Sports Medicine Division at the National University Hospital, Singapore. He was an active member of the Sports Division and also served as a Visiting Consultant at the Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic at the University Health Centre, NUS where he has treated many sports injuries in University students and staff.

Dr Tan was also a founding member of the Foot and Ankle Division since its inception at the National University Hospital. He is still currently one of only a few active members from Singapore in the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS).

During this period, Dr Tan set up the fellowship-training program at the division that has trained surgeons from the region in Foot and Ankle reconstruction. He was the Program Director of the Foot and Ankle education program and supervised the training of residents in Foot and Ankle surgery.

His subspecialty clinical expertise includes management of:

  1. Sports injuries and arthroscopy of the Foot and Ankle.Foot and Ankle TraumaForefoot deformities such as Hallux Valgus (Bunions) and hammer toes.
  2. Foot deformities such as flatfeet and cavus feet in adults and children.Ankle Arthritis with osteotomies, arthrodesis and ankle replacement.
  3. Sports injuries and arthritis of the knee including knee arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction and knee replacement.

Dr Tan also has a keen interest in the education of fellow doctors and students as well as the lay public in Orthopaedic conditions. He has written many articles in the local press to increase awareness about Foot and Ankle diseases and also spoken in many public forums.

Dr Tan has been invited as course chairman and faculty in multiple courses and also as a visiting lecturer both locally and in the region. His research interests include lower limb biomechanics, foot and ankle injuries, bone grafting and fusion biology.

He has held competitive research grants to pursue research in these areas. He has also published more than 20 manuscripts and invited articles in medical journals on various Orthopaedic conditions and their management.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr Tan was also part of the NUH earthquake surgical relief team to Jogjakarta, Indonesia and was awarded the Minister for Health award in 2006 for his efforts.

He is an Assistant Professor for the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS and was also a Core Faculty member for the NUHS Orthopaedic Residency Program, playing a key role in the education of future Orthopaedic specialists.

Dr Tan is available for consultation at the following clinics daily from:  Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm, Saturday 9 to 12pm

  1. Address : 38 Irrawaddy Road, #10-41 Mt. Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre Singapore 329563 Tel : (65) 6734 8168 Fax : (65) 6734 9896 Hp : (65) 9665 5480 Email : tankenjin@gmail.com
  2. Address : 1 Farrer Park Station Road,  #15-17 Connexion, Singapore 217562 Tel : (65) 6435 0015 Fax : (65) 6443 5563 Hp : (65) 9665 5480 Email : tankenjin@gmail.com

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Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing.

It is a system of safe and effective exercises, which meet specific individual needs, to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions.

You may do Pilates as matwork or with the reformer or both, and every session will be customized 100% to your fitness, injury and tolerance.


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Sports and deep tissue release massage helps to increase nutrient-rich blood flow to tired, tight and tense muscles to accelerate recovery and  shorten downtime / recovery period required.

It also prevents muscles from scar tissue micro-tears (and potential ruptures), and increases muscle performance. Having regular deep tissue and sports massage will keep your muscles healthy and fit with body/movement-confidence.

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All our allied health therapists and TCM physicians are fully insured and registered with Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Board (TCMB).

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At the first session, our specialist physiotherapists will carry out a thorough assessment, helping them to select the most appropriate treatment to help you recover as well as provide treatment in the same session.

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