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Dermefface FX7 reviews Singapore 
Scar removal cream that works

  • Dermefface FX7 is a scar removal serum cream. It's meant to heal your scarring that is caused by many reasons (can be post-operative scarring, chicken pox, acne, sunburn etc). As our skin covers our entire bodies and is our first line of defence against all objects and items, it is very prone to damage (more in the article below)

  • Our clinics do not carry the physical stock of Dermefface FX7 for a practical reason: patients/individuals are advised to buy directly from manufacturer through this link because (1) fresher from source; (2) better price (no mark up) and (3) possibility of discounts from manufacturer. Visit the official Dermefface FX7 site here.

Dermefface FX7 reviews Singapore 

Running and hand therapy and physiotherapy clinic means that we see a lot of post operative cases. And in all operations, there is always scar formation as part of the healing process, and scar management is one of the largest focus that we do as therapists.

No doubt we focus more on movement, mobility and function, yet we do have patients who are very self-conscious about the presence, size and color of their scarring, which prompted us to search for better scar solutions for them.

This is our Dermefface FX7 Reviews Singapore for scar removal. What we like about this scar removal cream is that they actually provide before and after photos and other real scar-related facts for their customers, rather than just singing praises.

So What is Dermefface FX7?

Basically, it is a scar removal serum cream. It's meant to heal your scarring that is caused by many reasons (can be post-operative scarring, chicken pox, acne, sunburn etc). As our skin covers our entire bodies and is our first line of defence against all objects and items, it is very prone to damage.

Some scars are harder to heal and fade compared to others, and some individuals are predisposed to larger scarring as compared to another. Thing is, even as you see your scar fading, your body is working very hard under the surface to repair your skin.

Something that many of our patients don't realize is that scarring can take up to two years to heal completely, and they're often shocked when told so. That's why we often share with our patients that once any open wounds had closed and formed a scar, they can start using Dermefface FX7 immediately, to accelerate the scar healing and removal process earlier.

Dermefface FX7 Reviews Singapore: How Does It Work?

Your skin comprises of 3 layers of skin - your epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Lighter scars are shallow, so it may have damaged only 1 or 2 layers of your skin...but more traumatic injuries and damage can cause deeper wounds and scarring that damages all three layers at a go.

The first thing that Dermefface FX7 does is to stimulate localized healing of all affected skin layers. Then it will trigger the flooding of collagen production at scar site. Collagen in the right amount will promote the healing and regrowth of scar tissues to a normal and healthy skin.

Our bodies are created with the ability to renew itself, and that includes our skin. Our skin is able the old and dead cells with new ones via a process that happens more or less every 28 days.

However, an individual that uses the Dermefface FX7 regularly will accelerate the renewal cycles of skin cells, meaning that broken cells around scar tissue will be renewed and replaced faster around the scars so that scar healing process will be faster.

This process will slough and push the damaged cells to the skin surface and bring the new cells to each layer of your skin. Regular use of this cream will likely allow you to see the healing results within four weeks, with a daily use of once or twice per day. 

What kind of scars can Dermefface FX7 heal?

Scars can be embarrassing, and I've personally noticed many of my patients shunning social events or participating in acts of covering up (wearing long sleeve, putting more make up etc) - scars can alter our lives.

This scar removal cream can help with acne scars, burn scars, surgery scars, hyperthrophic scars, chicken pox scars, accident scars - most scars in general.

Refer to the before and after pictures below.

Dermefface FX7 Reviews Singapore: Before and after photos

This might be the strongest proof that this scar removal cream or serum does work. As you can see there are many cream promising to reduce scars. But only few of them really show some real result and proof. By showing some real photos this cream have reached high trust customer level. So here they are the Dermefface FX7 before after photos. Please take a look:

Some Unique facts we found about Dermefface FX7

The unique thins of this serum is located on the formulation and blending process result. As we know that collagen is really important to improve and promote healthy skin. But the interesting part is that to effect the skin in a good way the collagen must be produces in a right amount. Having too much collagen will enlarge the scar and discolor it. But to little collagen will make the skin layer weak and become more fragile to new scars or damages. Dermefface FX7 have been formulated to make your skin produce collagen in the right amount to make the scar heal. Not too much and not too little.

Feel safe to buy Dermefface FX7

Now that you've read and understood our input on dermefface fx7 reviews singapore, you know you don’t have to worry about wasting your time on money on scar removal creams that don't work. 

The manufacturer provide full money back guarantee if this cream does not bring any result within 60 days using it regularly. Just send the 2 empty bottles within 67 days and you will get you money back. Nothing to lose except your scars.

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