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Customized Insoles For Flat Feet Overpronation

A circumstantial recognition of physical disorder where arches of the foot roll inward or downward when walking is what we frequently term as overpronation and the opposite movement to this is called supination.

Often recognized as flattening or rolling in of the foot, it makes the body susceptible to a number of sports injuries. Pronation usually occurs when the weight is transferred from the heel to the forefoot when running or walking and it is usually visible that the foot rolls inwards.

If this occurrence increases way beyond the natural, then it is overpronation. Overpronation causes a lot of trouble for runners and other athletes because of the fact that the foot is less able to provide shock absorption.

The problems this physical disorder leads to include shin splints, ankle sprains and stress fractures of the tibia, calcaneus, and metatarsals. Over-use type injuries occur frequently in runners, were afoot which overpronates, tends to underpronate.

Shock absorption is primarily allowed by pronation and the foot after absorbing shock molds to the surface of the ground. The stresses absorbed normally are then passed up the lower limb.

Oversupination causes an increased external rotation force, thereby leading to additional lateral stress on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the lower limb.

How Does Overpronation Occur?

The major causes of overpronation are mainly malalignments of the rearfoot and forefoot joints. Other major factors of supination or overpronation are:

  • Structural malalignment of the bones: This results in an imbalance of the foot as an inherent genetic trait.
  • Excessive inward rotation and flattening of the arch: A large number of people encounter situations where the inward rotation and flattening of the arch is excessive, thereby placing the strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the back, hip, thigh, leg, knee, and feet.
  • Increased motion and force: Shin splints and stress fractures in the legs can also be caused due to increased motion and force. If this condition continues, it may further result in arch fatigue and plantar fasciitis.

What Are The Symptoms Of Overpronation/ Supination?

Some of the quickest ways to identify the symptoms and find ankle overpronation treatment through self-diagnosis and other methods are:

  • Observe your shoes for signs and patterns of wear and tear:

    Look at the bottom of your shoes for signs of wear and tear. If the wear is found to be on the inside sole near the ball of the foot and near the big toe, the chances of overpronation are high.

  • Observe your bare feet:

    It is also one noticeable fact that on taking a look at your bare feet, if you witness low arches or flat feet, then these are signs of overpronation.

  • Common symptoms:

    Some other major symptoms include heel or arch pain, flat feet, knee, hip or back pain, hammertoes, and corns or calluses.

  • Observe you shin:

    Looking at your shins can also considerably let you find out some signs of overpronation. You just need to follow the line of your bone from your knee all the way to your ankle.

    If the line consequently leads toward the inside portion of your foot, you may get diagnosed with overpronation.

  • Video Gait Analysis:

    Apart from self-diagnosis, visiting a podiatrist, physical therapist or a doctor for video gait analysis, as it is specifically called, can also provide a successive representation of symptoms leading to overpronation.

    This entire process involves taking a video of you running or walking on a treadmill. The video footage is then slowed down and looked at by the doctor. The way of your walking is closely observed in slow motion, the doctor can determine if you overpronate.

  • 3D Foot Mapping:

    Another unique method to determine overpronation or supination is through 3D foot mapping. In this technique, the doctor asks you to step on a special mat with or without your shoes on.

    Embedded with numerous sensors that feed information to a computer about how your foot strikes the ground when walking, the doctor determines the amount of pressure your steps put towards the arch of your foot and determine symptoms of overpronation.

Solutions For Overpronation/ Supination

For every problem, there exists a solution and the same is applicable here. Some of the preferred solutions are given below:  

  • Gait Analysis:

    One of the suitable techniques for the treatment of overpronation is gait analysis. In this process of overpronation foot cure, your running style is addressed on a treadmill or force plate by a qualified professional and your problems of overpronation or supination will be highlighted.

    The service is inherently provided by podiatrists, physios and sports therapists along with some specialist sports shops.

  • Cushioned And Flexible Running Shoes:

    You can undoubtedly choose to go for highly cushioned and flexible running shoes to make up for the lack of shock absorption in your foot.

    There is specialist running shoe shops where you can get the pronate treatment runners as per your style and requirement along with specific advice for over supination.

  • Specific Exercises:

    There are a number of exercises too, that play a major role in curing the problem of overpronation. Exercises, when performed on a daily basis, can result in relieving the troubles.

    Towel curl, golf ball roll, inversion/ eversion and calf raise are some major activities that can be undertaken smoothly.

  • Towel Curl:

    In towel curl, you need to take a towel and curl it towards yourself using your own foot. To make this exercise more difficult, you can add a free weight on the end of the towel.

  • Golf Ball Roll:

    In case of golf ball roll, all you need is a golf ball. You need to start by rolling a golf ball under each of your feet between 30 and 60 seconds.

    On feeling that the Golf ball has touched one of the points where you feel the pain, you are required to pass for 10 seconds and massage that area and concentrate on stretching your muscles by pulling your toes up and towards your hands and repeat the steps.

  • Consult A Doctor: These physical activities add up in helping you relieve the stressful situation. But if the pain persists, consult with a physician is highly recommended.

How Do Orthotics Insoles Help to Cure Overpronation/ Supination?

Out of a number of prescribed measures of ankle and flat feet overpronation treatment, choosing different shoes or adding inserts to your shoes can go a long way in providing you relief to a major extent.

These inserts are called orthotics. These can be accessed over the counter or by prescription. In some cases, it is usually found that your health insurance gets to cover a part of the cost. Orthotics play a major role in supporting your arch and can viably improve the way your foot hits the ground.

This may lead to nullifying the pain you are experiencing and reduce your overpronation during various physical activities you undertake.

Prescription orthotics have inherently been designed for users to access information from their respective gait analyses. Non-prescription orthotics consists of more general sizes and shapes. These devices are placed inside your shoes before you go on for a walk or engage in some other activities.

Orthotics are basically a passive form of supporting your arches that directly play a major role in correcting movement.

Physical therapy is also be suggested by your doctor to help you change your gait over time.

The Technology Used And How It Is Designed?

Feet are one of the major components which maintain comfort and healthy lifestyle. Supination orthotic insoles go a long way in bringing correct-fitting and comfortable positioning to your shoes.

The various steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • Step 1: State-of-the-art scanning technology is used to capture and display the shape and size of your feet uniquely and provide perfectly fitting overpronation support insoles with minimum or no inconvenience.
  • Step 2: The model of the foot is scanned and sent to the laboratory where a 3D digital model is used to create unique anti supination insoles, which match the characteristic of your foot perfectly.
  • Step 3: A certain type of characterized scanner is used to capture a full 3D scan of the patient's foot in minimum possible time, which is activated by a button in the software of the foot pedal included in a weight on, weight off or semi-weight bearing position.
  • Step 4: Prescriptions are created through foot pedal switch to drive the scanner and a mounting adapter plate allows the mini to be mounted on a robust camera tripod or television mount.
  • Step 5: The digital data derived through this process is then utilized in manufacturing the custom orthotic insoles which play a major role in the treatment of supination.

Designing Of Insoles

The entire process of designing and production of insoles is an exuberant process where a significantly improved technique of using reduced pressure patterns are utilized to make the symmetry and comfort level perfect.

The major steps involved in design may be summarized as follows:

  • A three-dimensional image of the foot is measured and the distribution of plantar pressures applied by a person's foot being measured for a pressure reducing insole is taken into consideration.
  • The shoe insole outline or template which best fits or corresponds to the shape of the foot being measured is selected.
  • The next step involves generating the foot display and determining the plantar pressure of the foot shape.
  • After this three dimensional display, a perfectly designed foot alignment and plantar pressure distribution modification module is selected without any cognitive bias.
  • Pressure control lines are identified with the foot display, which is inherently inclined towards predetermined pressure thresholds and the manufacturing process is then started.

The materials that are selected for the manufacturing process include a bunch of goods that are resilient, flexible and elastomeric.

Creating an intervention further includes adjusting the elevation at a location adjacent to an identified region within the distribution of plantar pressure.

This entire functionality is one of the significant ways to ensure that the insoles manufactured are of the best quality and help manage requisite necessities.

Insoles For Overpronation/ Supination

There are a considerable number of cases where over supination becomes a major hurdle in letting people carry out their physical activities smoothly.

These cases demand supination correction insoles fitted inside the footwear they are wearing. You can get overpronation insoles for running and other purposes too.

You can also avail supination insoles for running. Insoles are available in a number of types and prices and can be bought off the shelf because of their pre-molded nature.

Getting the right foundation is what our body requires. The best overpronation orthotic insoles come with numerous qualities.

Some of them are:

  • Prevent Injuries And Provide Comfort: They not only prevent further injuries to the foot but also provide sufficient comfort and elegance.

  • Are Durable And Rigidly Built: The overpronation correction insoles and overpronation support insoles contain a durable rigid build that can sustain the constant impact of your physical activity schedule.

  • If you are considering to try anti supination insoles which can be used on a day-to-day basis, then gel inserts are a good option.

    If your plans include finding an effective range of insoles for ankle supination treatment, then foam insoles are going to be one of the best possible choices you can make.

    So, the major goal is to find best insoles for overpronation treatment and the best supination insoles, which are beneficial for supination treatment and ankle supination treatment also.


The subsequent emergence of understanding that involves different types of arch types on a scale between low arch, medium arch, and high arch lets us enter into the world of insoles that suit our specific arch-type, thereby giving a better contact throughout the base of the shoe.

The primary benefits of insoles are as follows:

  • Provide assistance to arch flexes: The overpronation orthotic insoles are specifically designed to assist the arch flexes. The constant contact distributes the weight evenly throughout the foot while walking or running.

  • Minimize irritation: Insoles make the foot look more relaxed and the risk of overusing certain areas such as heels is reduced and the risk of irritation is minimized.

  • Cure injuries: Back pain, knee pain, and Achilles Tendonitis are also other injuries that can be improved with the use of supination foot insoles.

  • Provide comfort and reduce fatigue: Smoother alignment and improved heel cushioning are few other benefits of insoles that can help reduce the rate of fatigue, maintain performance and improve comfort. The incredibly great range of supination shoe insoles suits a variety of purposes, thereby making the long commute more comfortable.

  • Help in increasing performance level: Insoles also provide comfort, relief from persisting pain, prevention of foot problems and to help achieve greater performance while carrying out day to day activities.

  • Provide cushioning and support: Insoles provide the secured benefit of cushioning and support. Cushioning plays a major role in providing greater comfort by absorbing the shock that makes the feet feel tired and sore and support plays a major role in improving the balance and alignment of the foot.

  • Cure numerous foot ailments: Heel spurs, flat feet, high foot aches, stress fractures, overpronation, and supination can easily be cured by using high quality and suitable insoles.

    Orthotic insoles can help to relieve symptoms and cure any type of foot condition that mainly occurs when the body weight is not supported properly or when foot pain is caused by improper biodynamics.

Foot orthotic insoles are primarily designed with specified foot ailments and that's why it is highly recommended to check and see which models of insoles will correct the conditions possessed by patients.

Customized Insoles (Shapecrunch) 3D Printed Custom Orthotics

  • 6 months warranty 
  • Lasts for two years

  • Anti - Microbial
  • Shock absorbing and Flexible
  • Custom made  
  • For Sports and Business Shoes

Revolutionary custom orthotics 3D printed orthotic insoles to fit your feet perfectly to relieve foot and joint pain and prevent future biomechanical issues. Enjoy excellent arch support, cushioning, and breathability from your custom made shoe inserts.

Feel like you are walking on air with Shapecrunch Orthotics' innovative custom 3D printed orthotic insoles - they're fully customized to suit your individual foot pronation and biomechanic needs and very comfortable to wear.

Everyone's feet are unique, so custom orthotics is the best way to treat your own individual foot problems and prevent them from recurring.

Say goodbye to foot pain and hello to comfort with these custom flat feet insoles today.

Price: SGD 230

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