Bee Pollen Supplement Guide For Optimal Health Benefits

Here's an idea - if you could get the best New Zealand bee pollen supplement that is rich with the most nutrients and could drastically improve your health - would you be interested?

Over the last decade, bee pollen and honey supplements are becoming increasingly popular with health-conscious individuals. The thing is, it's quite hard to sift through the mountains of hyped health products where many health marketers have been hyping their products to be the best, even when the products they carry are sub-optimal or even non-beneficial for our health.

As consumers, we need to consider many factors first before purchasing any health products. Truth of the matter is that not all health supplements are created the same, and that's the same even for bee pollen supplement health products as well.

Today, many health supplements that are free available in the market (not just limited to bee pollen supplements) has traces of different toxins in them. Just for that reason alone, many so-called health products can actually damage and impair your health instead of helping you.

What's even worse is that many bee pollen supplements out there in health stores were found to not contain the ingredients stated on their labels!

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Again, we as health-conscious consumers need to be aware that although this natural food can greatly benefit our health, yet, many of the products sold are not under strict quality control. This means that there is no guarantee that you're getting what you're paying for - in this case, pure bee pollen.

Now, even if you did find and buy a well-known brand of bee pollen derived capsules, the type of pollen sold in these common products also may not deliver its real benefits. In fact, they could even make your health worse over time -

A low quality bee pollen supplement that had been exposed to heat-dry process as well as being sourced from countries with high levels of pollution will not give you the health benefits of a high quality one.

To really gain the full healing and health benefits of one of nature's most complete foods and to find the best bee pollen on the market, you will need to know the facts and information of this superfood and the entire industry.

Bee pollen’s popularity is increasing as more and more dog owners and breeders are recognizing its great potential. It contains many healing components and has been used for centuries as a source of nourishment. Today it is used not only for achieving better human health, but also to improve the health of our canine friends.

Alicia McWatters, Ph.D

What are the true health benefits from bee pollen supplements?

The benefits are huge and the superfood has been proven by many health experts. A quick list of benefits includes

  • boosting one's immune system
  • balancing one's nutrition
  • increasing the sexual functions in both men and women
  • stimulates our organs and glans
  • increase lifespan naturally
  • suppress appetite (hence safe as effective and natural weight loss supplement)
  • high in antioxidants

Bee pollen is rich in highly potent antioxidants known as flavonoids. They contain myricetin, quercetin, rutin and trans-cinnamic acid.

Let's zoom in a little closer at what these compounds do for your body:

  • myricetin - working closely with our body's white blood cells, it removes bad LDL cholesterol in our blood stream
  • quercetin - a naturally occurring anti-histamine, boosting your allergy resistance
  • rutin - protects the integrity of our veins and prevents cancer
  • trans-cinnamic acid

Your body creates its own antibiotics and probiotics, this highly-energizing nutrient will accelerate the detoxifying processes of our liver.

Buy Xtend-Life Bee Pollen Natural Energy directly from the manufacturers here - they've been around since year 2000, and manufacture their own from the purest bee pollen from New Zealand. Also, safer to buy direct from manufacturers.

Or read more about the Xtend-Life Bee Pollen supplement here

Bringing you the best bee pollen supplement benefits for both men and women:

  • Increase in energy levels
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Increase antibodies
  • Help create red blood cells
  • Create a higher concentration of cancer-fighting (NK) cells
  • Give us highly potent antioxidants
  • Heal prostate problems in men
  • Reduce menopausal symtoms in women
  • Boost our recovery process after exercise
  • Prevent numerous allergies

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Your Health, Your Choice

Because we are the ones who chooses and actually puts what we want to eat into our own bodies, we actually hold all the power when it comes to making health choices. It's something easily taken for granted, but it is an important one, and we make plenty of such choices day in, day out.

We are only given one body in this lifetime - if we don't take care of our own body, then who will take care of it?

It's crucial that you know and are aware of what you're putting into your body, there's no point in wasting money and health filling your body with all sorts of preservatives, junk and artificial flavorings. Food filled with these junk may make you happy for a while, but in the long run, they won't help you nor your health. In fact, they're detrimental to your body!

If you choose to take in healthy, energy-rich foods and drinks, you are on the road to a longer, healthier and even happier life.

A high quality bee pollen supplement will help to ensure that your nutritional intake is superior and complete, and will increase your energy levels, decrease number of allergic reactions, have better sex and overall health and well being.

Maxalife Customer Comments:

Hi, I used to be super-sleepy in the afternoons, not good for sales meetings! The Bee Pollen Energy From Xtend-Life fixed all that. I’m now exceeding my targets thanks to you!

Jane from Florida, USA

What's the Difference In Quality of Bee Pollen Supplements?

The local industry where the bee pollen is sourced is a key factor that determines the quality of the end result pollen.

You see, the environment that surrounds the flowers and plants highly influences the state of health of the flowers and plants - pollen that is collected near industrial areas (think large factories) and densely populated areas always tests positive for traces of dangerous metals and toxins.

For this reason alone, you will need to do your research and choose a high grade bee pollen source.

Please don't ever settle for anything less than pharmaceutical grade when it comes to choosing your bee pollen supplements. This will ensure that you actually receive what is stated on the product label, and that all contaminants / toxins have been removed.

By choosing a high quality bee pollen supplement, you will almost immediately notice an improvement in energy levels, mental sharpness and a general well being upgrade.

The highest quality supplements often comes from New Zealand. In New Zealand, fresh winds from Antartica is constantly blown in...and there is very little pollution or industrial sectors from Antartica. Plus, other winds that arrives in New Zealand also don't gather pollution from anywhere else too.

So make sure you purchase a supplement that is taken from a natural source and that the product that you are consuming is made using fresh and actual bee pollen, not a synthesized or man-made version of the real thing - your body and health will thank you for this further down the road.

Buy Xtend-Life Bee Pollen Natural Energy directly from the manufacturers here - they've been around since year 2000, and manufacture their own from the purest bee pollen from New Zealand. Also, safer to buy direct from manufacturers.

Or read more about the Xtend-Life Bee Pollen supplement here

Are There Any Known Side Effects Of Bee Pollen Supplements?

Despite the fact that the most natural form of bee pollen comes from New Zealand, there are still some side effects that we as consumers need to know even though these side effects are very rare and often unheard of.

A small handful of people around the world experience negative side effects from this health food, especially those who are allergic to be stings. If you ever had a bee sting and had a very strong - life threatening, even - reaction to the bee sting, please stay away from bee pollen. Even though high quality pollen supplements do not contain any bee venom, it's better to be cautious.

Other rare side effects to take note of includes chest tightness and mild breathing difficulties as well as queasy, unsettled stomach and nausea. These are rare but have surfaced before in some individuals.

Pregnant women should be careful when consuming bee pollen products to prevent/avoid any of such side effects to her or the baby. That being said, there are many pregnant women who swears by bee pollen during their pregnancies, but again, it's always safer to be cautious.

We advise to get professional medical advice before starting any forms of health supplementation.

Is the bee pollen supplement capsules you're buying from a reputation company that cares for their customers?

Truth is, many health companies out there selling health supplements are nothing more than pure-money-making middle men. What they do is purchase raw ingredients cheaply, manufacture them with poor quality and processes to sell for profit. Sometimes, they buy health supplements and then relabel them as their own before selling them as their own!

Sadly, such health companies are still getting away with such unethical and irresponsible behavior, and in the end, it is us consumers who pay the price and suffer for it later.

As discussed, health supplements have been found to not contain what is promised to contain on its label...and sadly, this includes many bee pollen products and supplements as well.

Random and various samples by different consumer groups have shown that many health products being sold on the market do not actually contain the ingredients as printed on its label.

A reputable company you can trust will guarantee purity, quality and on-going customer and consumer satisfaction.

Another important factor that we found out - weight for weight, gram for gram, bee pollen wins hands down in protein as compared to any flesh based food. Imagine that! And this leads us to our next point:

As a consumer (or pre-consumer) of bee pollen supplements, one must always consider the following questions before buying and consuming them.

Buy Xtend-Life Bee Pollen Natural Energy directly from the manufacturers here - they've been around since year 2000, and manufacture their own from the purest bee pollen from New Zealand. Also, safer to buy direct from manufacturers.

Or read more about the Xtend-Life Bee Pollen supplement here
What are the ingredients contained in the supplement I want to buy?

It has highly concentrated levels of the entire Vitamin B complex, as well as Vitamins A, C, D and E in optimal effective dosages. Due to the Vitamin B Complex, this supplement often increases one's energy and vitality in day to day living and tasks.

This particular substance also carries a composition of 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, 2% fatty acids and 3% minerals and essential antioxidant vitamins.

The supplement is also often ingested to boosts one's immune system function, as well as to accelerate our liver's detoxification process.

Remember, it is crucial that you source your bee pollen from a natural and environmentally friendly local climate.

Welcome to beautiful, pristine New Zealand.

It is very crucial that the bee pollen you purchase is sourced from a natural and clean area. Better still, impurities and industrial free. An example, bee pollen that is collected from USA is generally found to contain traces of dangerous heavy metals and toxins to humans.

Another heavily industrialized manufacturing country, China, is very well known for its high industry pollution on top of its dense population. You should steer clear from bee products containing pollen that is sourced from either of these countries. Sadly, a huge amounts of bee pollen sold on the market today contains bee pollen that was sourced from these two countries.

The best place for your bee pollen to be sourced is New Zealand.

Digging deep into researching and comparing of data over the last decade have showed that there are many parts of New Zealand that are virtually raw, unspoiled and have conditions that are vitally important when choosing a high quality bee pollen supplement.

Because New Zealand's population is scarce and lightly populated, this means that not only the country doesn't rely on heavy industrialization, but due to this, bees have the perfect breeding ground. 

This leads to bees being able to create bee pollen naturally without the known side effects that happen due to pollutants on the pollen. Beautiful.

“Bee pollen is the only food which contains every essential nutrient needed by mankind for perfect health. This fact can hardly be disputed since it has been proved by analysis in the laboratories of the world many times.”

Dr. Betty Lee Morales

Two types of bee pollen supplements that you should always avoid:
  • Bee pollen that has been heat dried or processed. Processing and heating destroys the nutrients and essentially important enzymes in bee pollen .

  • Avoid bee products sold in U.S. which are imported from China, where it is highly polluted as well as little or no quality control. Poor quality control means minimal regulations, and bee pollen is harvested from polluted and tainted environments

In fact, random and various product testing has proven that these products are often tainted with heavy metals and toxins. For these reasons, we as consumers need to always avoid health products that contains bee pollen from these specific countries.

Another common brand on the market, "Zi Xiu Tang bee Pollen Capsules", was found to contain a hidden drug ingredient called sibutramine (associated with increased cardiovascular events and strokes) after being looked into. It was removed from the market in October 2010 for safety reasons.

You can read more about it here: Public Notification: “Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules” Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient

Recommended Bee Pollen Supplement – The One We Use Ourselves

Many bee pollen food products and supplements on the market focus on it being able to boost one's energy levels, but only for a short period of time. What happened is manufacturers injected huge amounts of bee pollen into their products, thinking that the more they put in, the better the energy levels will be.

Unfortunately, many of these products on the market only contain granules of pollen...and they pass right through the digestive tract system undigested and unabsorbed.

Why? Bee pollen is a very hard substance, very difficult to breakdown in our digestive tracts. Because of that, we cannot get to enjoy its full health benefits if we opt for granules (few ingredients only released into our system).

Their bee pollen formula processes the pollen in a unique way, which is gentler yet is able to break down the pollen. Then it is infused over a short period of time using a group of special enzymes.

These enzymes preserves the wholesome goodness of the pollen, as well as enhance the entire pollen absorption process, making it far more digestable, absorbable and improving the health benefits one receives.

To increase the efficacy of the supplement, they also opted to include special blends of other potent natural ingredients.

We highly recommend Bee Pollen Energy to individuals who are looking to increase their own as well as their loved ones' energy levels, boost immune system and improve their overall health and well being.

Xtend-Life as a company is confident in their products that they even have a 100% money back guarantee. So if you're not satisfied with any of their products, you can return it within one year months of purchase for a full refund - which other health company does that?

Buy Xtend-Life Bee Pollen Natural Energy directly from the manufacturers here - they've been around since year 2000, and manufacture their own from the purest bee pollen from New Zealand. Also, safer to buy direct from manufacturers.

Or read more about the Xtend-Life Bee Pollen supplement here
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