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Ataxia and Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy Singapore

Ataxia, according to the Greek text, means "a lack of orderliness, or a lack of order", refers to a neurological sign and symptom where you can see a general lack of coordination (aka incoordination) of movements. It is a general and non-specific clinical sign that says that part of the brain and nervous system that controls and coordinates movement is affected.

There are a few types of ataxic movements, which are named according to the centers that are affected:


Cerebellar or cerebellum dysfunctions causes a wide variety of basic neurological deficits, such as low tone, dysmetry, asynergy and ataxic disorder. Which deficits are seen or experienced depends on which aspect or structure of the cerebellum is damaged. The three types of cerebellar damage are: vestibulocerebellum (balance and eye movements), spinocerebellum (wide based "drunken sailor" gait) and cerebrocerebellum (disruption is voluntary and planned movements in the hands and feet).


Sensory ataxia explains that the ataxic movements is caused by the loss of proprioception, which is the ability to know, sense or feel the positions or locations of joints and body parts in proportions to space and other body parts. This is generally caused by the spinal cord dorsal column damage or dysfunction. Patients with this form of ataxic movement usually presents clinically with an unsteady "heavy stomping" walk with heavy heel striking the floor, and with a poor posture stability that worsens with the lack of compensatory approaches such as visual feedback i.e. dark rooms etc (most of the times, people with this form of ataxia use visual compensation to correct or normalize their movements).


This movement disorder is due to damage or dysfunction of the vestibular system, and often patient has vertigo (spinning rooms etc), nausea and vomiting episodes.


The causes mentioned below can be overlapping causes that can co-exist or can happen in isolation.

  1. Focal lesions - refers to lesions of the central nervous system (CNS) such as stroke, tumors, multiple sclerosis etc if they occur in the location that we've mentioned as above
  2. Exogenous substances - causes ataxia only if they have a depressive or depressant effect on the CNS function/system. Most commonly is ethanol (think alcohol, but pure and strong)
  3. Radiation poisoning of more than 30 Grays
  4. Vitamin B12 deficiency
  5. Spinal disorders of various types that involve the dorsal columns.
  6. Non-hereditary causes - of cerebellar degeneration include chronic ethanol abuse, paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration, high altitude cerebral oedema, coeliac disease, normal pressure hydrocephalus and cerebellitis.


Medical interventions usually are pharmeceutical and nutritional supplements, ranging from vitamin B12, antioxidants, coenzyme q10.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy intervention involves motor relearning and neurological rehabilitation, including facilitated re-training of specific functional and mobility motor movements. Gait/ambulation, coordination, balance and posture re-training are large components of our physiotherapy management of ataxia. In occupational therapy, there will be interventions to adapt activities and work to suit the patient, recommendation of equipment or aids that will help the patient better such as walking sticks or canes.

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