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Native Remedies BrightSpark For ADD and ADHD

BrightSpark is a 100% natural homeopathic formula that helps to relieve impulsivity, hyperactivity and distractibility in children who has ADD or ADHD.

Note: Urbanrehab does not carry physical stock of BrightSpark in any of their clinics, parents/teachers/guardians please purchase Brightspark directly from manufacturer through this link


  • Hyoscyamus (30C)
  • Arsen iod (30C)
  • Verta alb (30C)
  • Tuberculinum(30C).

BrightSpark is a 100% homeopathic remedy that is specially formulated by Native Remedies to provide relief to children to have ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Homeopathic medicine and remedies have had a long history of helping as well as supporting the mental, physical and emotional health of the user, from a more holistic perspective rather than a "biomechanical/suppressive approach".

Generally, homeopathic philosophy is "like treats like".

Homeopathy and homeopathic medicine is a safe and effective medical system that is practiced by many health care and health practitioners around the world, including Asia, Europe, Australia and US.

BrightSpark is formulated from natural minerals and plants, consisting of hyoscyamus (30C), arsen iod (30C), verat alb (30C), and tuberculinum (30C) which together help to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities to treat and alleviate symptoms.

  • Hyoscyamus: a diluted extract of henbane, which is a herb that contains toxic alkaloids and has been proven to be an effective painkiller as well as sedative that relieves restlessness and hyperactivity in small amounts (Lamont J. Homoeopathic treatment of ADHD; a controlled study. Br Homoeopath J. 1997).

  • Ars iod (iodide of arsenic): is derived from a very dilute form of arsenic, which is a form of metallic poison. Its main function is to bring emotional stability to children who are restless and hyperactive.

  • Tuberculinum: is the extract of tuberculosis lymph nodes and functions to to calm irritability as well as improve moods and positivity

  • Verat alb (veratrum album): is the dilute form of the botanical hellebore, which is often recommended to treat irritable, restless and hyperactive children.


BrightSpark is a 100% all natural homeopathic formulation specifically to treat children with ADD or ADHD, and contains the four most important homeopathic remedies that helps relieve the symptoms for those two conditions.

BrightSpark is created following very strict pharmaceutical standards, having their facilities and ingredients being Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified and FDA approved. Also, the four ingredients within can be found in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), which the official compendium of homeopathic remedies in US.

It is safe and effective, containing zero gluten, zero artificial flavorings, zero preservatives and zero coloring. However, it is formulated with lactose not as an ingredient but as an excipient (inactive substance, functions as a "container/vehicle") for the ingredients.

Active ingredients in BrightSpark contains 2 herbs, 1 neutered bacteria solution and 1 metal - yes, they are poisonous only in high doses but are very safe, therapeutic and healing in low doses which supplied in this ADD and ADHD medication.

These ingredients are good examples of homeopathic remedies because they are compliant with the first principle of homeopathy of "like treats like" - homeopaths use heavily diluted solutions of toxins/poisons to treat the effects they produce in the body at large doses.

How to Use BrightSpark

What's nice is that BrightSpark tablets are all pleasantly flavored - means that they're yummy. This means that they are easily chewed or placed on tongue to sucked to dissolve.

They can also be easily crushed for children who finds it difficult to swallow tablets - the crushed or powdered tablets can be then placed on tongue to mixed with a little warm water or soft foods like yogurt/cream.

Like all natural supplements, BrightSpark should be taken on an empty stomach for best absorption and effects. If you/your child is using it for the first time, I recommend that you ease into it - normally the dosage is 2 tablets, 3 times per day BUT for someone who is just beginning, instead, take 1 tablet every 2 hours for 12 hours (means total 6 tablets on the first day)

How long before I can see/feel the results?

Some may see their symptoms improve almost immediately in the first couple of days, for others it may take 4 to 8 weeks. What we note is that for those who take BrightSpark consistently and regularly as recommended tend to get better outcomes and results much quicker as compared to those who do not follow consistently.

For best results, it's good to combine with a healthy nutritious and nutrient rich diet, regular sleep, regular exercises and generally have a structured daily routine but with gentle and firm caring approach.

Ingredients of BrightSpark


It's derived from the entire plant of Hyoscyamus niger or black henbane, which is harvested with it blooms and then cut into smaller pieces which are then soaked in alcohol for 10 days.

The end product is then filtered and heavily diluted and then watered down to ensure that none of the toxicity of the original plant remains. This solution contains alkaloids such as hyoscyamine and scopolamine which acts on our cholinergic pathways of the central nervous system, and behaves as an anticonvulsant and a tranquilizer.

Arsen. Iod.

Derived from metallic arsenic and iodine, and what it does is that it provides iodine as iodide to the body. This form of iodine helps treat hypothyroidism in ADHD children who has imbalances of thyroid hormones.


This is used in homeopathy as a type of vaccination, and is made by taking human or animal tissue that is infected with the Tuberculinum bacillus. Don't worry, there is a disinfection process to remove the active bacteria, but leaves its toxins behind.

This solution is then dissolved in decontaminated water, then diluted and mixed very thouroughly - this solution is called tuberculinum in homeopathy and it is prepared with much details and care to ensure that all the tuberculosis bacteria is removed.

Veratrum Album

This is prepared from the fresh root of the veratrum album plant - the roots are harvested before the plant begins to flower, and then cut finely, mashed and then soaked in alcohol and then thoroughly mixed.

The remaining solution is then filtered before use.


What's good is that BrightSpark is a registered over-the-counter homeopathic remedy, which is specially formulated to provide relief for hyperactivity, attention/concentration deficits and impulsivity in children and adults.

They are available in bottles of 125 pleasantly tasking and quick dissolving tablets, and the amount of active ingredients is small dose so the formulation is considered safe when following the recommended dosages.

BrightSpark helps relieve behavioral issues for those who find the anger and temper outbursts as well as the impulsivity and inappropriate behaviors hard to cope with, which are often associated with learning disorders.

It also helps to balance moods and even helps with positive behaviour/attitudes by helping your body's cellular balance. The tablets are small, easy to chew/suck/swallow and pleasant tasting and doesn't contain any gluten, preservatives, colors or chemicals.

Cons (Side Effects)

Homeopathic remedies doesn't have the same results with everyone; and taking large amounts of hyoscyamus, arsenic, and henbane internally can be dangerous and even fatal in some cases. BUT the homeopathic remedy is safe when taken in tiny amounts/small doses, as per directions.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as individuals with pre-existing medical conditions should consult their doctors first before taking BrightSpark.

Is It Safe For You?

If you are looking for a tried and tested, safe and effective homeopathic remedy to reduce ADHD / ADD problems in children, BrightSpark may be for you.

However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an existing medical condition, please consult your doctor first.

Are There Any Known Drug Interactions?

No documented drug interactions found for BrightSpark to date.

Where Can I Buy it?

You can buy BrightSpark at Native Remedies. It comes with a one year unconditional money back guarantee.

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