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Dear doctors, patients and friends, we are going to launch Phoenix Rehab @ Novena tentatively on Monday, 8th January 2018 (see clinic location and details here), subject to finalizations related to renovations and pre-launch activities. There is lots more to do, including the completion and upgrading of this website, but we are very excited for this opportunity to serve you.

Update you soonest!

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Hair Health And Regrowth For Men And Women

Most people when they find out that they are suffering of some type or form of hair loss or thinning hair, the first thing they think about is...

"How would I look with little or with no hair?"

Myself included, though I told my wife I'd just go bald.

But not everyone, men or women want to go bald. Many of them will worry if they look unattractive, ugly or older. They also will worry if their husbands/boyfriends or wives/girlfriends will no longer find them attractive...and these are all real and genuine concerns.

That's why many men and women consider and opt for hair transplant surgery to have hair and be approachable and attractive. People who suffer from thinning hair or hair loss definitely do not want to appear older than they are, or look older than they wish to portray - it's not about being vain or like the Chinese say "yau mei" (meaning "want to be good looking/pretty), and there are many reasons and factors that may have to be considered.

It could be because they need to look age-appropriate at work, or personal, or both. You see, be it for personal or work reasons, appearing age-appropriate will definitely influence and positively impact your self-esteem, the way you carry yourself and the relationships you have.

An example is if someone who is in their late 20s or 30s or 40s start to prematurely lose their hair in patches, receding hairline or thinning hair, they would worry about:

  • if they would find their life partners
  • if people would still find them attractive (sexually or socially)
  • or worse, if people started to shun or reject them
  • if they would be bypassed for promotions
  • or lose favor because of their looks

These may make them more self-aware and worried, and cause them to shun away from people - it's a vicious cycle.

Most of the time, a person's age is measured chronologically, ie from your year of birth minus the year today - that's your age. But a person's appearance can lead to others making (wrong/negative) assumptions to how old you appear to be.

People in the workplace or in social events usually do not accurately know your actual age unless you tell them (or unless they're really good at guessing), and they quickly make judgments about your age appearance...and at the same time, they will also judge you based on what is called "age-related values"


Of course. Plus, believing AND knowing that people may be making these assumptions about us will have a strong and often dramatic effect on us and the the way we will feel. I know if someone looks at me, gives me a disapproving judging look that seems to imply we look older or less attractive for my year will make me feel bad, and lower my self esteem..

Also, having to live with hair loss that is either worsening or not getting better - both sounds bad and emotionally painful. I think everyday as I look in the mirror, I may stop using the mirror too, because I may not feel good if I look in the mirror. This applies to both men and women, though I think it may be more distressing for women.

We recommend Groei360, an all natural hair regrowth spray to help patients and individuals regrow their hair. For practical reasons, we do not carry physical stock in our clinics, and recommend patients/individuals to visit Groei360 official website read more or buy direct from them.

You can also read our review on the Groei360 here.

Physical beauty is one of the basic fundamentals of a healthy self-esteem, and unfortunately, it is also one of the most vulnerable one - self esteem and self-worth usually sinks pretty quickly when one experiences hair loss (gradual or sudden)

Our hair is a very important factor of physical attractiveness and one way of expressing ourselves and our individuality - hair loss will definitely impact how we feel about ourselves, and we may feel unattractive, unwanted or even ugly. In bad cases, we may reject ourselves and shun/hide away from friends and family.

In the case for ladies and women, who tends to spend much more time, efforts and money on activities that revolves around their hair such as washing, curling, drying, coloring, style, grooming their hair to make their hair look its best...when they face with hair loss, it is very, very painful and even traumatic for them to experience. They can face a lot of difficulties adjusting with the reality of hair loss, and in extreme cases, can get very sad, distressed and even depressive.

In some individuals, when they start losing their hair and when they find/feel and wrongfully believe that there's nothing they could do for their hair, they starting to think that they are losing control of their lives, and can spiral downwards quite quickly.

Fixing hair loss is not as simple as just "stopping" hair loss/thinning or regrowing lost hair - there needs to be a thought-through, well-planned of short, mid and long term hair loss and health management that may also require professional attention by a doctor or a hair specialist.

If you're suffering from hair loss today, and are worried about your hair and the effects that you may have, please consult your GP/physician for an assessment to get a diagnosis if it's a short term/temporary condition of it's something that may gradually worsen.

We recommend Groei360, an all natural hair regrowth spray to help patients and individuals regrow their hair. For practical reasons, we do not carry physical stock in our clinics, and recommend patients/individuals to visit Groei360 official website read more or buy direct from them.

You can also read our review on the Groei360 here.

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Our Physio & Rehab Expertise

Phoenix Rehab Group works with specialist physiotherapists and specialist rehab therapists who are highly trained, qualified, experienced and passionate to provide high level of expert care to our patients.

Areas of specialization

  • physiotherapy: back and neck (spine), sports, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle
  • hand therapy: forearm, wrist, hand and fingers
  • podiatrist: leg, calf, ankle, foot and toes
  • read more on our specializations here

All our therapists are fully insured and registered with Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Board (TCM). See our entire team here by location and specialization.

Initially, our specialist physiotherapists will carry out a thorough assessment, helping them to select the most appropriate treatment to help you recover. They then provide expert treatment for your pain as well as prescribing specific exercises to reduce your risk of re-injury and giving you a long term solution.

To call for inquiries or appointments, please contact us at:

SMS/Call/Whatsapp: 96402670


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We appreciate you as a patient and want you to know that the #1 way we grow as a clinic is through word of mouth referrals from valued patients like yourself.

We do not rely on advertising - instead, we prefer and appreciate the goodwill and positive reinforcement from patients.

When you have the opportunity, please take the time to tell your family, friends and physicians about the positive results and experience you have had in our clinic.

Thank you so much, and stay healthy!

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We are a wholly Singapore Private Limited group of licensed physiotherapists, hand therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, sports massage therapists, clinical pilates practitioners and TCM physicians practicing in our scope of rehabilitation and its areas of specializations.

As listed in our website are the list of services we provide our clients as referred by their medical doctors or by self referrals/word of mouth, but you can also make an appointment without seeing any doctors (that being said, if you do need a referral to a specialist orthopedic surgeon or sports GP, we will recommend you too as value added service at no additional costs to you).

The range of rehabilitation results vary from patients to patients, depending on a variety of factors and reasons such as severity of condition, genetics, gender and age. However, we will still deliver the best evidence-based-practice of physiotherapy, hand therapy, TCM, sports training and deep tissue release therapy that we can deliver (we are proud to say that we try our best to only engage the most experienced and specialist therapists - which makes a big difference in clinical outcomes).

The information available on this site is for educational purposes only, if you need a full professional advise on physiotherapy, hand therapy and occupational therapy, please schedule an appointment with us by contacting our staff by Call/SMS/WhatsApp at xx or email, thanks!




You can also text or WhatsApp and we will call you back too =)


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Your physio, hand therapy and rehab with us may be covered under your medical insurance or cashless - find out more here.


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Finally I know what I have, my pain decreased and now I'm back to work!

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OMG. The pain levels in my hands have dropped dramatically, about 60-70%


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