Phoenix Rehab Novena Clinic Launch

Dear doctors, patients and friends, we are going to launch Phoenix Rehab @ Novena tentatively on Monday, 8th January 2018 (see clinic location and details here), subject to finalizations related to renovations and pre-launch activities. There is lots more to do, including the completion and upgrading of this website, but we are very excited for this opportunity to serve you.

Update you soonest!

Phoenix Rehab Group

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BrainPill Scientific Studies

The Scientific Community LOVES This Formula!

Every Ingredient in BrainPill™ Was Carefully Selected for its Scientifically Proven Ability to Support Your Brain Health The Research is Incredibly Encouraging; Especially if You Want to Stay Mentally Sharp, Youthfully Alert, with Your Memory Intact, Well into Your Senior Years

BrainPill™ contains a carefully chosen blend of top-of-the-line ingredients, crafted to our exacting specifications for maximum potency and benefit.

Below are excerpts from research studies conducted on the powerful ingredients found in every BrainPill.

Studies Reveal Huperzine Improves Learning and Concentration

Alan Kozikowski, Ph.D and professor at Georgetown Institute of Cognitive Science along with Mercy Medical Center neurologist Alan Mazurek M.D., report Huperzine has proven to improve memory and learning and stimulate neurons to improve concentration, even in people diagnosed with memory loss.

To read more or to purchase direct from the manufacturers, click: BrainPill Memory & Intelligence Boost Supplement

International Research Proves Vinpocetine Enhances Your Memory and Protects Your Intellect

The Journal of the American Geriatric Society reported studies conducted across Europe and in Japan have proven Vinpocetine enhances memory and cognition while combatting brain and mind deterioration.

Harvard Study Verifies: Cognizin Increases Your Brain Energy & Plays a Key Role in Memory and Cognition

A landmark study led by Harvard researchers at McLean Hospital in Boston investigated the ability of Cognizin to improve cognitive functioning of middle-aged people.

The results revealed an impressive 14% increase in brain energy and proved Cognizin promotes brain metabolism by enhancing the production of neurotransmitters, especially acetylcholine, a key player in memory and cognition.

Research on Alzheimer's Patients Confirms the Ability of Gingko Biloba to Preserve Your Brain Power - Long-Term

Research confirms Gingko Biloba allows for better delivery of oxygen and blood glucose to the brain and demonstrates powerful antioxidant effects, helping prevent brain deterioration and muscle breakdown. A study of 80 healthy women in Germany showed that those taking gingko experienced significant improvement of short-term memory only one hour later. Another study of 202 Alzheimer's patients in New York found that after only six months these patients showed substantial improvements in both mental performance and social functioning.

National Institute for Mental Health Reports "PS" Improves Your Mood, Your Memory, and Your Concentration

Considered by many to be the singular most powerful brain enhancer and protector discovered so far, PS is widely revered as the brain revitalizer. Dr. Norman Salem, the accomplished brain biochemist, working at the U.S. National Institute for Mental Health, suggests that PS with DHA is one of the most important molecules for the brain. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., of Harvard and UCLA, reports PS improves short-term memory, mood, concentration and the performance of everyday activities. Commonly called PS, short for phosphatidylserine.

Medical Doctor Confirms: DHA Complex Improves Your Memory and Protects Your Brain

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock reports that omega-3 oils in DHA show benefits for neurological function and brain protection, not only increasing memory in cases of Alzheimer's disease but also improving age-related memory loss.

University of Oxford and Tufts Neuroscience & Aging Laboratory Agree: Vitamin B12 is Essential for Keeping Your Brain Flexible and Adept

A study at the University of Oxford found that people with low levels of vitamin B12 suffered from a loss of brain volume, which has been proven to decrease memory and cognition.

"Vitamin B12 and cognition have been linked in research with evidence going back a long way," notes Irwin H. Rosenberg, MD, editor of the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter and director of Tufts' HNRCA Neuroscience and Aging Laboratory. "

To read more or to purchase direct from the manufacturers, click: BrainPill Memory & Intelligence Boost Supplement

Studies Determine that Bioperine Functions as a Bioavailability Enhancer, Helping Deliver Maximum Benefits from BrainPill™'s Powerhouse Ingredients

Extracted from black pepper, BioPerine works as a bioavailability enhancer, helping you assimilate – and get maximum benefit from the powerful nutrients in BrainPill™. Bioperine aids in the process of thermogenesis, which plays a vital role in absorbing and utilizing the food and nutrients you consume.

Medical Doctor Discovers Tyrosine Supports Sharper Focus – All Day Long

Tyrosine is the main building block of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that increases energy levels. Dr. Mark Hyman reports that L-Tyrosine plays a role in promoting healthy neurotransmitter function in response to environmental and emotional stress.

Neurochemistry Studies Reveal: L-Theanine IMPROVES Your Memory and Learning Ability

L-Theanine is a major amino acid and has been historically reported as a relaxing agent that stimulates brain waves, the same ones active in meditation. Neurochemistry studies suggest that L-Theanine increases brain serotonin, dopamine, and GABA levels. Studies further suggest improvement in learning and memory.

Pantothenic Acid Delivers Enhanced Brain Power 

Pantothenic Acid is critical to human survival, yet we don't produce it, so it must be obtained from food or supplementation. It is the essential ingredient of two important substances: coenzyme A and acyl carrier protein, which support the all important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, sometimes referred to as 'the memory chemical.'

To read more or to purchase direct from the manufacturers, click: BrainPill Memory & Intelligence Boost Supplement

Results from the International Brain Research Conference & University Studies Prove Bacopa Monnieri Improves Your Recall and Overall Mental Performance

A study presented at the International Brain Research Conference demonstrated that regular consumption of Bacopa reduced the time needed to learn new tasks by almost 50 percent.

Another study by researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia proved that Bacopa improves memory and recall abilities. A similar study - conducted in 2012 by researchers at Khon Kaen University in Thailand - proved that participants who took Bacopa for a 12-week period scored far better in mental processing tests.

University of Maryland Medical Center Reports that Folic Acid Maintains Your Mental and Emotional Health

The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that Folic acid is crucial for proper brain function and plays an important role in mental and emotional health.

Researchers Agree: B Vitamins and Omega-3s Help You Perform Better and Protect Your Brain Health

Researchers report that older adults with higher blood levels of the B vitamins and omega-3s scored better on tests of mental performance and showed healthier brains in MRI scans.

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Our Physio & Rehab Expertise

Phoenix Rehab Group works with specialist physiotherapists and specialist rehab therapists who are highly trained, qualified, experienced and passionate to provide high level of expert care to our patients.

Areas of specialization

  • physiotherapy: back and neck (spine), sports, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle
  • hand therapy: forearm, wrist, hand and fingers
  • podiatrist: leg, calf, ankle, foot and toes
  • read more on our specializations here

All our therapists are fully insured and registered with Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Board (TCM). See our entire team here by location and specialization.

Initially, our specialist physiotherapists will carry out a thorough assessment, helping them to select the most appropriate treatment to help you recover. They then provide expert treatment for your pain as well as prescribing specific exercises to reduce your risk of re-injury and giving you a long term solution.

To call for inquiries or appointments, please contact us at:

SMS/Call/Whatsapp: 96402670


Tell A Friend About Us

We appreciate you as a patient and want you to know that the #1 way we grow as a clinic is through word of mouth referrals from valued patients like yourself.

We do not rely on advertising - instead, we prefer and appreciate the goodwill and positive reinforcement from patients.

When you have the opportunity, please take the time to tell your family, friends and physicians about the positive results and experience you have had in our clinic.

Thank you so much, and stay healthy!

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We are a wholly Singapore Private Limited group of licensed physiotherapists, hand therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, sports massage therapists, clinical pilates practitioners and TCM physicians practicing in our scope of rehabilitation and its areas of specializations.

As listed in our website are the list of services we provide our clients as referred by their medical doctors or by self referrals/word of mouth, but you can also make an appointment without seeing any doctors (that being said, if you do need a referral to a specialist orthopedic surgeon or sports GP, we will recommend you too as value added service at no additional costs to you).

The range of rehabilitation results vary from patients to patients, depending on a variety of factors and reasons such as severity of condition, genetics, gender and age. However, we will still deliver the best evidence-based-practice of physiotherapy, hand therapy, TCM, sports training and deep tissue release therapy that we can deliver (we are proud to say that we try our best to only engage the most experienced and specialist therapists - which makes a big difference in clinical outcomes).

The information available on this site is for educational purposes only, if you need a full professional advise on physiotherapy, hand therapy and occupational therapy, please schedule an appointment with us by contacting our staff by Call/SMS/WhatsApp at xx or email, thanks!




You can also text or WhatsApp and we will call you back too =)


Physio, Rehab &  Insurance

Your physio, hand therapy and rehab with us may be covered under your medical insurance or cashless - find out more here.


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Finally I know what I have, my pain decreased and now I'm back to work!

Regional Sales Manager

OMG. The pain levels in my hands have dropped dramatically, about 60-70%


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